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Our aim is to be innovative and ensure every design solution is environmentally conscious, based on best practice and relevant guidelines. We monitor performance to maintain standards and continually liaise with our Clients to ensure our design meets their aspirations. Above all we aim to achieve our Clients objectives both imaginatively and practically.

AJA Construction Consultants Ltd liaise with their Clients throughout the feasibility and development process  and strive to provide schemes ideally suited to the needs of the user groups, using contemporary and sustainable design.  We convey our ideas through drawings and 3 dimensional representations which allows our Clients to see clearly our proposals, while taking account of the functional requirements of their buildings.  

AJA Construction Consultants Ltd have experience in refurbishment of existing buildings along with new build developments. Previous projects range in value from  £20k through to £m schemes. Each project brings its’ own  individual requirements which we strive to accommodate within our design principles across all disciplines.

The company has extensive experience of working within the food related industry. We have specific knowledge and understanding of the food industry, enabling us to interpret our Clients’ needs throughout the full building and design process.  Commercial pressures mean that many Clients need to maintain production whilst building and refurbishment work is ongoing, so that issues such as hygiene control are treated as paramount. 

Whether it is the remodelling of existing buildings, the construction of new structures and plant buildings or the complete design and build of an entirely new process building. We have the skills and expertise to provide our Clients’ with appropriate solutions.

We are a versatile, multi-disciplinary construction consultancy used to working on complex and challenging projects making sure that we deliver our clients needs.

Our multi-disciplinary approach promotes regular review of scheme designs - allowing foresight for risk management and cost effectiveness.

We have an understanding of the technical requirements within the industry which provides an inherent understanding of the ever changing requirements of the construction industry.