Development of a new flour mill in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. We constructed a new state of the art flour mill alongside an existing grain silo to provide the client with a new facility. The project also included a new power supply to site, bulk flour outload silos, flour storage silos and a new site circulation network. 

Project value £12m, duration 18 months.

​This Project was carried out while at Gelder and Kitchen LLP.


The proposal for this site was to divide the site into four individual plots.  Each dwelling was designed to take advantage of the existing landscaped garden and surrounding woodland. The existing site focus of the small lake is used to locate the dwellings proposed for the individual plots in a manner that can overlook the water and existing landscaping, allowing owners to enjoy and take responsibility for maintaining the quality of the existing environment.

The objective was to provide an appropriate level of development that allows the existing quality garden landscape to be maintained and enhanced by a reasonable level of occupation. 

​Project delivered while at Gelder and Kitchen LLP.


A continuation project for the new mental health programme.

The scheme brings together a challenging behaviour suite with full anti-ligature features and a seclusion suite, assessment rehabilitation suites and 12 step-down rehabilitation apartments, all set within a secure and homely environment.

​Project delivered while at Gelder and Kitchen LLP.


The scheme was to create a training and assessment centre for the chemical industry which allowed our client to create their own training programmes for apprentices.

The project lasted 24 months from start to completion at a cost of £4.5m.

​Project delivered while at Gelder and Kitchen LLP.


We are working with Whitworths Ltd to develop and refurbish their existing site in Irthlingborough. The project will last for 2-3 years and provide new facilities for nut, cereal, seed and fruit production together with upgrading the raw materials storage areas, warehouse packaging and the finshed goods warehouse. In addition we are also constructing new support facilities for the staff, technical teams and the engineering maintenance team.

As a result of the site reorganisation, re-positioning of the production facilities the project will result in an area of adjacent land been identified for residential development.

This is an exciting project that will transform Whitworths Ltd, the current production and warehouse facilities will deliver a world class environment for processing Dried Fruit Nuts and Seeds.

Note: Whitworths is the leading own label and branded supplier of dried fruit, nuts and seeds to the UK retail trade, with a turnover of c.£150m pa. 


This new building was designed to incorporate sustainable resources, low-embodied energy building materials, energy conservation systems, recycling and waste management. These design initiatives included long life light fittings and systems, thicker insulation than required by building regulations, green roofing systems, heat re-cycling systems, passive heat storage, natural ventilation, insulated glazing, solar panels and timber from sustainable sources.

Extensive use of re-cycling was included which allowed for rain water storage, use of grey water in toilets, short flush cisterns etc.

​Project delivered while at Gelder and Kitchen LLP.


The project was to construct a new flour mill which produces in excess of over 600 tomes of flour, is split over 5 levels and stands over 25 meters high. It is a state of the art production facility. Project value £14m construction time 13 months.

The addition of the new mill doubles the capacity of the site making it a leader in its market.  As part of the works the project entailed the construction of 11 wheat silos, 12 flour silos, 4 conditioning bins and a bulk out load with 4 silos. 

​Project delivered while at Gelder and Kitchen LLP.
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