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We improve developments through our innovative and efficient project management helping to save time, money and resources adding value to the process.

We take a proactive and personal approach to our clients’ projects and our relationships with them. Understanding their aspirations, risk profile and the market expectations is the key to a successful outcome. 

We simplify management, control and reporting by integrating scope, budget, schedule, risks, resources and benefits. In this way, both the critical details and big picture are managed.

In today’s competitive market environment, we believe that simply guiding a project from proposal to completion is not enough. Project Management is about leadership, innovative solutions, teamwork and, above all else, delivery and accountability. Building a strong, motivated collaborative team, which can respond and manage change effectively throughout the development process, is a key aspect in our role.


By identifying project risks we are able to manage and control risks that inherent within projects.

We aim to identify the project risks at an early stage to allow effective mitigation strategies to be prepared and implemented to control and proactively manage risks.

Once the risks are identified we develop a risk register which is regularly reviewed to allow effective management as the risks change throughout the project lifecycle.


Our architects work closely with clients to understand their needs and aspirations, delivering high quality designs that support their businesses, strategies and budgets. 

Our service philosophy is simple - we listen carefully to our client’s needs, consult and collaborate in formulating and agreeing a detailed brief, then create innovative, attractive and inspiring solutions.

We offer a full range of architectural services, from concept and masterplan design, through to production drawings and contract administration. Projects include new build, refurbishment and bespoke conversions.

Our architectural services include:

·         Architectural design.
·         Lead consultant role.
·         Building regulations design.
·         Feasibility studies to assess viability.
·         Construction stage detailed designs.
·         Housing quality indicators.
·         BIM modelling and 3D visualisations.
·         Design within relevant standards for health, housing and education.


Civil and structural engineering lies at the heart of all good building projects and it is our engineering skill that helps to deliver successful projects. As a result our engineers are an integral part of the project delivery team.

Engineering excellence is not just about design, it is also about having a good understanding of the construction process and modern procurement methods. When coupled with a sound knowledge of how buildings fit together real value can be added to any scheme. Whether it is traditional methods, pre-assembled elements, modular design or sustainable forms of construction; our team of engineers have the knowledge and experience to deliver.

We are experienced in all the main sectors: retail, residential, industrial, health, commercial, scientific research, education; as well as historic buildings and conservation projects


We can provide a full range of health and safety consultancy services to assist and advise clients in complying with their duties under health and safety legislation.

·         CDM (Construction Design and Management) Advisor, acting as principal designer or to assist and advise clients and principal                     designers in complying with their duties under CDM 2015 and other relevant health and safety legislation.
·         Checking that designers and contractors have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and organizational capability to manage           health and safety risks.
·         Making sure that the principal designer and principal contractor are complying with their duties.
·         Ensuring that the principal contractor has prepared a suitable construction phase plan before the work starts.
·         Site safety inspections, to check the principal contractor is complying with their duties under CDM 2015.
·         Preparation of health and safety files and building manuals for construction projects.


Our main aims are to create unique, inspiring yet functional designs which respond to our client’s aspirations and exceed their expectations.

Our approach fuses creativity, commercial understanding and quality. We understand the importance of creating inspiring designs which are functional, within budget and delivered to meet programme.


We provide our clients with specialized cost advice to give them confidence in the viability and profitability of their projects

With proven experience across a range of industry sectors, our Quantity Surveying teams are committed to providing independent and effective construction cost management and strategic procurement and contract advice. By controlling costs through the duration of a project our professional services enable informed decision making and the improved management and mitigation of risk.

We engage closely with our clients and their stakeholders in order to understand their business aspirations and constraints. Through our collaborative approach we explore procurement strategies and interrogate design proposals, whilst recognising quality and time requirements in order to achieve optimal results from our client’s investments.


When using our technical due diligence team we will explore all aspects of the design, site and any potential risks that may occur in the future. We are keen to make sure that when purchasing sites and buildings for development that all aspects/restrictions are fully understood before you proceed.


Modern buildings need to be operationally and environmentally efficient. Building services are central to achieving that need and have developed into a complex and sophisticated engineering discipline.

We keep pace with that development and provide a service that delivers buildings fit for the world in which we live. We have a strong reputation with a diverse range of clients.

Our M&E team keep practical principles at the core of everything we do, endeavouring to ensure design excellence whilst maintaining a commercial edge.

We recognise the need to lower CO2 emissions and create more efficient buildings but in order to achieve the best possible value for our clients we are adept at retaining strict control over cost

Our building services engineers work with design teams and clients to provide buildings that are truly fit for purpose. We have access to CIBSE-accredited low carbon energy assessors who can carry out thermal modelling to demonstrate compliance with current legislation, or to reflect future climate change. Working with the sustainability team, we can advise at feasibility stage and provide fully coordinated M&E and sustainability planning documentation.


Our architectural team can produce photo-realistic 3D visualisations and walk-throughs to allow our clients to fully experience the building pre-construction, then re-purpose the 3D model to generate well-coordinated and clear working drawings, suitable for construction.